Window Tinting

We have been window tinting for over 10 years in this time gained experience on all types off vehicles as well as other types windows in home, office and show rooms .


We provide window tinting services for car franchises and second hand dealers and

to the general public through out the Highlands and Islands.


The films we stock offer you high quality UV protection with life time guarantee

our range from light to very dark means you can have tint of your choice.


             50%             35%           20%             15%              5%











Benefit of having your windows tinted.


UV protection


Stop interior from fading


Protect Children and Animals from harmful UV rays


Privacy to prevent theft


Enhances vehicles looks



The law requires that the windows on the vehicle allows at least:

· 75 per cent of light through the front windscreen

· 70 per cent of light through the front side windows

In most modern vehicles there is a slight tint added to the windows when they are made.

If you add any more tint it’s likely to result in the windows failing to meet the legal requirements.

The rules on tinted windows do not apply to the rear windscreen or the rear passenger windows.


The penalties for having wrongly tinted windows

The police and vehicle examiners from the Vehicle and Operator Services

Agency use light measuring equipment to measure window tints.

If you drive a vehicle with heavily tinted front windows

 you may be subject to enforcement action.

This could be a prohibition notice,

stopping you from using your vehicle on the road

until you have had the extra window tint removed.

If you are stopped by the police you may also get a penalty notice or a court summons.

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