Parking Sensors & Cameras

Parking sensors & cameras are a safe way to park your vehicle

no matter what the vehicle we can accommodate large or small we fit to all.


Parking sensors use ultra sonic waves to detect objects by bouncing the waves

of the object detected . The kit will start to detect objects from 1.5 meters

away, as you move the kit will alert you by a beeping sound or display.

As you get closer the beeps will speed up until a continuous beep.

These are some options you have on parking sensors


Four pin kit which gets fitted to your bumper to give a

factory finish look

colour coding optional.


Both of these kits are helpful accessories that saves on unnecessary accidents.

Also available is this two pin kit which mounts just behind your number plate,

this can be removed an fitted to another vehicle.

Parking camera's are good way to see what is going on behind

mostly popular on big vans and trucks parking camera's can be fitted to car's

as well with discrete camera's and rear view mirror monitors.

Here is some examples.




These two camera's are both designed to fit discretely above or behind your rear number plate giving you optimum discretion and vision.

This camera is bit more bulky more for commercial.

All our parking sensor and camera kit come with 12 month warranty.

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