Paint Protection

Paint protection is special clear vinyl that is applied direct to

your cars bodywork designed to stop chips and scratches. commonly  applied to the front end and areas that prone to getting chipped rear arches and sills ect .


This is a good investment if your are buying or thinking on a new car or van especially with the road conditions nowadays .

You can preserve your cars paint and save money when it comes to sell or trade in.



Here is an example off what we apply

Theses areas are prone to get chipped by stones been throne up by

other vehicles. with paint protection you don't have to worry.

With it been a clear vinyl you wont even know it's there.


we can also apply paint protection hard wearing areas as well

for example sills get marked with just general entering and exiting

the vehicle and areas that get chipped by seat belts.

Rear bumpers with pets and general loading and unloading.

This can help save money especially for leased vehicles that go back

to hire company's they take all this into account when charging you.

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