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Want upgrade your vehicle’s looks

or want to be more safe on the road we can help,

our extensive range, xenon headlights conversions

daylight running lights and some you might not heard off,

LED rim lights and ghost lights.

Daylight running lights

Are led bulbs that are fitted to a car to improve visibility during daylight hours.

As of 7th February 2011 they have become a mandatory fitting to all new type approved passenger vehicles .They switch on with the vehicle ignition and stay on.

Department of transport has found that daylight running lights can reduce accidents and casualties during the daytime.

You can upgrade your existing vehicle with specially adapted D L R (daylight running lights ) kits.


Now here is one of the latest crazes going around at the moment it's called

L E D rim lights. It is a special kit that gets installed behind your wheels

which when drive them it looks awesome.


Here is a clip from you tube.

Here is another craze that been sweeping the streets it's called ghost lights.

They are lights that display logos off car manufactures, popular brands

The lights replace your courtesy lights that are at the bottom of your door.

So when you open your door at night the logo displays on the ground.


Here is an example


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